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The AHA turns 100

For 100 years, the American Heart Association, along with our volunteers, supporters and collaborating organizations, has worked to build longer, healthier lives. Here is a look at major feats over our first century.

Our Future is About Improving Yours

美国心脏协会致力于促进每个人的健康和希望, everywhere, 创造一个远离心脏病和中风的美好明天. 和我们一起庆祝幸存者和照顾者,向我们失去的人致敬.
当美国心脏协会于1924年6月10日成立时,心脏病被认为是死刑. 他们被告知,对许多人来说,最好的选择是卧床休息. There was no treatment, no hope. But the AHA’s founders didn’t believe that. 他们觉得只要我们了解心脏病,治疗方法就会随之而来. And were they ever right. Fast-forward to today and there are not only treatments, 但是已经被证实的降低心脏病和中风风险的方法. 通过科学研究和数百万志愿者和支持者的力量, 我们对导致这些疾病的许多因素有了更深入的了解:从高血压等传统医学问题到社会问题, structural racism and discrimination.

在接下来的100年里,我们将继续致力于为每个人创造一个健康和希望的未来,我们不会放松, everywhere.
 100 Years

A century of progress against cardiovascular disease

虽然美国心脏协会最初是一个小型的医学协会,但现在它已经无处不在. 数以百万计的志愿者和支持者的奉献使人们的生活更健康,无论你去哪里:杂货店, restaurants, airplanes, communities and, of course, in hospitals and doctor’s offices.

Did you know?

A century of historical tidbits
American Heart Association co-founder Dr. Paul Dudley White’s favorite form of exercise was bicycling.

History at Heart

美国心脏协会沙巴足球体育平台回顾了过去一个世纪以来我们对心脏和大脑健康的了解, and what’s next.
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Join the Movement to be Healthy for GoodTM


健康为善是一个健康的生活运动,激发你的健康和生活的持久变化, one small step at a time.

The approach is simple: Eat smart. Move more. Be well.

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Bold Stories From the Heart

A Century of Heart

关于美国心脏协会100年来与心脏病斗争的故事, stroke and related conditions.
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美国心脏协会自100年前成立以来不断发展, 科学和医学发现一直处于前沿. (AHA archives)

What it takes to be 'relentless'


From left, American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown, TV personality and event emcee Star Jones, 美国心脏协会董事会主席玛莎·琼斯和2023-24年度主席约瑟夫·吴周一晚上在芝加哥德雷克酒店举行的Bold Hearts庆祝活动上为协会百年纪念欢呼, where the AHA was founded. (American Heart Association photos )






Our Future Is About Improving Yours


加入我们,通过现在的捐赠来预防和克服心脏病和中风. Your donation fuels essential research, advocacy for healthy communities, enhanced patient care, and equitable health access for everyone.

Second Century


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